Monday, June 8, 2009

The Wayne County Building - Detroit, MI

It was a nice evening the other night, so I decided to take me and my camera down to Detroit again. The light was just about perfect. I parked in my normal spot by Campus Martius and this time, I decided to start with the Wayne County Building.

Construction on the Wayne County Building finished in 1902 and is one of the surviving examples of Roman Baroque Architecture. The building stands 5 stories and houses the county's administrative offices and courthouse.

The lease expires and the current landlord is trying to keep the county there.

This is a view from the side. Unfortunately, it's situated between a bunch of buildings, so there's not really a good angle of it.

This is a sculpture near the entrance. I think it depicts settlers coming to the Detroit area.

One of the sculptures on the side of the building. Looks like Posedein.

Another one.

One of the copper statues near the dome.

Another statue.

A nicer view of the front.

A tighter view of the dome. The top of the dome is copper.

A straight on shot of the building.

The building is mostly vacant except for the County Executive.

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