Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Michigan Central Station - Detroit, MI

I've tried to avoid posting pictures of the damaged and dilapidated buildings in Detroit. There are many blogs and other places that are dedicated to that. I try to take pictures of the more upbeat buildings in Detroit because beneath the gruff exterior there is a city. There is alot wrong with the city, but I think there are some signs that maybe the best years aren't behind Detroit.

Anyways, even though this building looks like it should be another candidate for the wrecking ball, it is one of my favorites to take pictures of. It is the Michigan Central Station which was built in 1913 after the previous station burnt down. It remained in service until 1988.

There have been many efforts to restore this station but those have come to loggerheads (plus the guy who owns it is kind of a butthead). In April of this year, the city council voted to demolish it which is sad given that this building could be cool if restored.

It was near sunset as I was taking this picture, hence the oranges and pinks.

This is a shot looking almost straight on. At one time, this was the tallest railroad station in the world.

Another straight on shot.

Some detail shots. The broken windows make me mad.

Look at some of the details on this building. Simply amazing.

A shot of one of the doors.

I tried to get a shot of the moon.

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