Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Eastern Michigan University - Ypsilanti, MI

I graduated from Eastern Michigan in 1992. I was pretty happy with the education I got there.

Eastern Michigan was founded in 1849. It started life as Michigan State Normal College which was a school that would teach teachers for high schools and what not. In 1956, it become Eastern Michigan College and in 1959, it became Eastern Michigan University. It still focuses on educating educators but has some pretty good programs in other areas.

This is Goddard Hall, where I lived for 3 years. At the time it was the Honors Dorm. I think it is now idle.

This is the tower to Pierce Hall which houses the admistration offices.

Another view of Pierce Hall.

This is Sherzer Hall which burnt down and was reconstructed. It is one of the older looking buildings on campus and one of the more intersting ones.

This is a statue sitting outside of the Rec/IM building. I was messing around with the flash. I like the effect on this.

This is Pease Auditorium where they have concerts and some plays. It is a pretty nice building on the insie.

This is Pray-Harrold, one of the largest buildings on campus. It mostly houses the College of Arts and Sciences.

I would have taken more pictures but it was getting late and it looked like it might rain.