Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Soliders and Sailors Monument - Detroit, MI

As I was going downtown, I parked by Campus Martius, so I took more pictures of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument. It was a nice day for it.


I love the looks of this monument. Although, I didn't notice as I was taking the shot, but look at the reflections in the building on the right.

Same statue, another angle.

On the sides of the statue are these plaques. One is for Lincoln. Another for Grant. Another for Sherman and this one is for Farragut.

This soldier represents the cavalry.

This one represents the infantry.

This one, the sailors.

Each of the women represents a different ideal. Emancipation.



This statue represents artillery.


The sailor from a different view.

The top of the statue. This represents the heroic warrior, Michigan.

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