Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Cold Morning in Ypsilanti

It was a nice sunny morning as I was heading into work today.  It was still pretty cold though.  I think the thermometer in the car read like -7 F or something like that.  Once the temperature gets below 32 F, it doesn't really matter to me.  It still made for some nice pictures though.
 As I was heading past the paper building, I saw the layer of steam rising from the water and I figured that I needed a picture, especially with the way the light was hitting the building.  So  I stopped at the apartment complex there and took some pictures.
 I wanted a closer shot of the building, but this was a close as I could get with a 55mm lens.
 A more pulled out shot.  This is the one I think that I like.
 Then I decided to stop at the Water Tower.
 And then a picture of Welch Hall.
One more shot of the Water Tower with a nice snow pile in the front.

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