Sunday, January 12, 2014

First Up the Kaministiqua

Yesterday was actually up into the high 30's and I saw that there was a gaggle of ships just above Port Huron waiting to go down the St Clair River.  With all the ice recently, the Coast Guard implemented a one way only system on the St. Clair and Detroit Rivers.  Downbound ships go, then upbound, etc.  This is so the ships can follow an ice breaker.  I wasn't exactly sure when the gaggle of ships would start heading down the river but I figured if I missed them in Port Huron, I could catch them along the river somewhere.  Another thing that kind of had me worried was the amount of fog in Detroit but I kind of like foggy ship shots.
 As I was approaching the Blue Water Bridge, I saw that the Kaministiqua was already making her turn to enter the channel.  Fortunately, it takes a while for this to be done, so I had time to get to a spot and start taking pictures.  I really like the shot as they are coming off the Lake.  Fortunately, the fog pretty much cleared too.
 She was passing a flock of birds but in the picture it looks like someone is shaking pepper on her.
 She makes her way under the Bridge.  I really like this look as well.
 One of the nice things about shooting in Port Huron is that you get fairly dramatic angles.  Especially right after they pass the Bridge because they need to make a fairly sharp turn to continue on the river.
 A shot of her pilothouse.  Somewhat of a closeup of the rust trailing down her hull.
 Another shot of her pilothouse.
 Slowly she works her way down the river.
 I kind of liked this shot because you could see the mist
 One more pretty stern shot.
 After trying to follow the ships down the River, I headed over to Belle Isle but I wasn't sure if the light would hold.  I barely had enough for this shot.
 But I wanted a couple more shots.
And one more shot of her pilothouse.

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