Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Day Wolverine

As I said in the last post, I took the opportunity today to get a picture of the Wolverine.  I think the train passing through the snow makes for some pretty cool pictures, especially if you can catch it kicking up the snow.  The snow today was pretty powdery, so I thought it would make for good train pictures.
 While taking pictures of boats is a pretty leisurely activity.  Train pictures are not, especially the Amtrak since it moves by pretty fast.  For my pictures today, I decided to go to a different spot.  I think it is a pretty angle for the eastbound trains.
 As you can see, the snow was coming up pretty heavy.
 One of the advantages of this angle is the fact that I can get a shot of Depot Town in the background and it seems to make a nice backdrop.
 I had to get back a little bit but it still made for a cool picture.
 Can almost feel the woosh on this picture.
 And about a minute or so later, the train is almost gone.
Especially as it vanishes into the snow.

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