Thursday, January 23, 2014

Birch Trees, Tall Grass and Snow

I took my camera into work today because there has been a hawk hanging around.  I was hoping to catch a picture of it but it appeared while I was in a meeting (apparently).  As I looked outside, it was nice and sunny and I liked the way the shadows were hitting the ground, so I took some pictures.
 This is probably my favorite thing to photograph at work.  I really like these trees.
 I really like it when I can get a nice tight shot of the bark.  I kind of like the way the snow was sticking to the tree.
 Another thing I like to take pictures of is the grass we have in front of the building.  I think it makes for a nice picture.
 Then I decided to try a couple of black and white shots.  I would have liked this one more if the building weren't in the background.
 I really like this shot.
 Then I tried a closeup of some of the grasses.  I kind of like the way this one turned out.
 So then I looked at the folded over grass and I kind of liked the way that looked.
 I wandered out back to try and get a picture of a murder.  Instead I got a picture of a pine cone.
 A 747 was cool.
 And another picture of that.
 Unfortunately, the snow was piled up between me and this, so I had to use the big lens.  Not sure about this picture.
 But I do like this one.
And I leave you with a 737.

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