Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Back to Winter

Even though I don't particularly care for winter, it does make for nice pictures.
 The temperature climbed up to 0 today but the wind made it feel colder.  I don't think it was cold as they were saying it was going to be but it was still pretty cold.
 So I went back to my favorite birch trees.  I liked the way the shadows hit the ground.
 There were little bits of snow stuck to the trees.
 The stand of grass in the snow.
 More birch trees.
 In case you did not believe me how cold it was.
 I really liked the way the shadows were playing on the ground.  I think I would have liked this picture more without the cars in the background.
 A nice peaceful winter scene.  Taken from indoors.
 Then I started looking at the drifts in the back.
 I kind of liked the shadows and curves.
One more winter shot.

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