Monday, January 13, 2014

The Grand Haven Lighthouse in Winter

Next up was a stop at the lighthouse itself.  Like I said, I was hoping to see some ice on it but I think it's been too warm the past couple of days.  I wasn't about to go out there with the roads like they were for the past week though.
 I will have to admit, this is a pretty cool looking lighthouse.  I think it looks even cooler in the winter.  You can see the sand in the ice.
 A closeup shot of the lighthouse itself.
 I kind of liked the lightpole with the ice build up around it.  If you look at the pier itself, you can see the layer of ice on it.  That pretty much meant this was as far as I was going.
 Fortunately, I have a pretty decent zoom lens.  So it's almost like I'm out there.
 Looking at the lighthouse and the range light.
 Then I found a spot that was on the way into town.  This was the view from the parking lot.  I walked down to the boardwalk.  Well, I slid down to the boardwalk, but the view wasn't any better.
 So then I got my zoom lens out.  I kind of like this shot especially since there is a bit of haze on it.
One more stop at the park to get the lighthouse from a different angle.

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