Saturday, January 4, 2014

Eastern Michigan Basketball Vs Rochester

These are what I thought were some of my better shots from the game today.
 Daylen Harrison going for the basket.
 Daylen Harrison passing the ball.  I kind of liked the look on his face.
 Da'Shonte Riley going for the basket.
 Mike Talley working his way around the defense.
 This is one of the hazards of shooting basketball.  One second, you're shooting a picture and the next second, you're dodging a player.
 Anthony Strickland working his way around a player.
 Jalen Ross working towards the basket.
 Anthony Strickland going for a basket.
One of the cheerleaders.

If you want to see other pictures go here.  Eastern ended up winning the game 92-54.  However, I don't think this game was a real test of their talent but it was a good break after playing Duke and Syracuse.

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