Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Philip R. Clarke Show Herself

It's always a nice thing to catch a classic laker, especially one that I probably wont be able to see next season. 
 I was actually hoping that I would get a chance to see more ice up in Port Huron but there wasn't too much to be seen there.  I was also hoping that there would be a little more definition to the sky but again, there really wasn't.
 There were lots of birds though.    Usually you see them following a ship and not the other way around.
 She still cuts a nice face though.  I think this spot gives the longest opportunity to get a head shot.
 Speaking of which.
 Sadly, the ships are too close to get the full on beam shot, but that's okay because I like the angles better here.  You can get the nice 3/4's shots that I like.
 I guess this is sort of a beam shot.
 And then she moves off.
 Another stern shot.
 And a direct stern shot.  One of the things I like about the classic lakers is that they have some pretty nice curves to them.  You don't really see that on modern ships.
 I was also able to catch her at Belle Isle..but barely.  I had my film speed set to maximum for this.
 Even with that, I was still at a pretty low shutter speed, so there might be a little bit of blur in the picture.
 A shot of her pilothouse.
I kind of like this shot, especially with the lights reflecting in the Detroit River.  This makes me kind of wish I could get more night shots around here.

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