Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Snowy Day in Ypsilanti

It was snowing pretty heavily today and when it snows like that, I like to get pictures of the Wolverine.  It wasn't too bad getting over to it though but I have a feeling it is going to get worse as we are supposed to get more snow.
 As I was waiting, I saw this maintenance of way vehicle just waiting there.  It looks like they might still be doing some work on the track.  I'm working if they are making a siding here which might lead to a station here.
 Looking down the walkway of the freight house.
 Looking at the depot through the snow.  I would love to see someone restore this.
 It wasn't too much longer for the train to appear, although it was running a little late but that is expected sometimes.
 It passes by.  the snow was letting up a little bit but not much.
And one more shot as the train moves on.  I was thinking about catching the east bound train but I had some errands to run and I wasn't sure how long that would take.

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