Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Algoway Makes an Appearance

Next up is the ship that made me want to go shipwatching.
 I have a feeling that the Algoway is not much longer for this world.  Last few times I've seen her, she's looked pretty rough.  As I watched her pass by today, she was starting to sound pretty rough too.
 She started the morning in Lorain, Ohio.  I'm not sure what she delivered there but I managed to watch her on AIS and figured that I would be able to catch her around Marine City before it got too dark.
 She was heading up to Owen Sound which is basically across Lake Huron from Alpena on that peninsula in Canada.  I believe her AIS said that she was going for layup.
 I'm hoping that it's not her final layup but something tells me that depends on how soon some of Algoma's new builds get finished.
I'm pretty sure she has one more season left in her but that probably depends on how the trades are going.

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