Saturday, December 10, 2016

Hidden Lake Gardens Holiday Lights

When I was at Hidden Lake Gardens a few weeks ago, I saw that they had a Holiday Light thing going for a couple of weeks.  I couldn't go last week but I decided to go tonight.  Basically they had a bunch of luminaries set up on the main hill in front of the vistors' center.  It was cool watching them get the luminaries ready, it was even cooler after they were all lit up.
 I had a little time before it got dark, so I wandered around the area in front of the conservatory.
 I got some pictures of the bulbs before it got too dark.

 These snowmen were pretty cool.
 Then I went inside the conservatory.  They had parts of it lit up.  I really liked this set up.
 One of the bonsai trees.  I'm not sure if they had all of them inside though.

 I'm not about to name the flowers.

 I really liked the candles around this little koi pond.
 I liked the way the had some of the trees decorated.
 I liked the little winding path through this.
 I'm not sure what the Christmas tree was.  It kind of like lichen on coral but I'm not sure.  The cart has poinsettias though.
 some lights wrapped around a birch tree.
 Kind of the view in front of the visitors' center.
 A little snowman shack.
 But the luminaries were the main attraction.  Someone put a great deal of work in these to make sure the angles were right.
 An angle.
 A candy cane.
 Depending on your angle, you got a different effect.  This was supposed to be a wreath.
 A gingerbread man.
 And now it looks more like a wreath.
Some more trees.

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