Saturday, December 31, 2016

The American Mariner Passes By

So the first moving ship I caught was the American Mariner.  She is owned by American Steamship.
 I believe she was heading down to Cleveland.  It seems like there are many ships trying to get their last loads of the season in.  If I remember correctly, the Welland Canal closes down today.  Not that it has an impact on ships that don't use it.  I think the Soo Locks close in two weeks.
 I think she may be delivering iron to the steel mill there but again I'm not sure.
 It wasn't too bad temperature wise today but the wind kind of made it a little nastier than it should have been.
 Anyway, there was just the right mix of sun and clouds.
 And I liked the way the clouds seemed to point at the ship.
 And she moves off to other pastures.
 I caught up with her again at Marine City.  There were a couple other ships I wanted to catch there and I wasn't sure if I would have enough light to get them later in the morning.
 And it was kind of nice with the sun setting.
 And the American Mariner approaches one of the following ships.
One more shot of the pair.

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