Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Alpena Passes By

As I headed down there, the Alpena was at the fuel docks getting fuel.  I was pretty sure that I was going to catch her, so I decided to head over to Riverside Park in order to do so.  As I parked the car, I saw that she was pulling out from the docks.
 It always brightens my day when I see the Alpena.  She is definitely one of the more beautiful ships out there.
 It seems like she is always well taken care of.  You don't see to many rust spots or places where the paint is worn.
 But she's still a pretty hard working boat.
 If I remember correctly, she is always one of the first to come out of layup and one of the last to go into layup.
 With a full head of steam, she pushes forward.
 The requisite shot of the Ambassador Bridge.
 And she continues on her merry way.
A shot of both her and the Philip Clarke.

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