Sunday, December 25, 2016

Random Shots of Detroit

These are just some shots I took as I was taking pictures of the ships.  One of these days, I should just wander around Detroit and get some shots of it.
 I looked at the still water in the docks at Milliken Park.  I really liked the reflection of the Renaissance Center in the parts that weren't ice.  The river had little chunks of ice but nothing major.
 I've probably taken this angle before, but I like the Tri-Centennial Light with the Ren-Cen in the background.
 And just a picture of the lighthouse.  This tower is based on the Tawas Point Light.
 Just a shot of the docks.
 I had to get a shot of the Renaissance Center from Riverside Park.  I kind of like the view from there.
 And the rest of the skyline.
As I was heading back from the park, I was taken by this shot.  I liked the reflection of the towers of the Ambassador Bridge in the Detroit River.

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