Tuesday, November 7, 2017

A Foggy Day for Planewatching

A friend of mine was heading off to Japan on Sunday and I told her that I would try to get a picture of her plane taking off.  However I didn't count on it being nasty.
 First up is an American Airlines MD-82.  I think this one was heading to Chicago O'Hare.  I was about to give up, but I was already there.
 A Delta 737 taxiing after landing.  I think this one came in from Seattle.
 A Delta A320 taking off.  Since I can't make out the tail numbers, I can't tell where they would be heading.
 This is the A330 that would take my friend to Nagoya.  I think it was a 14 hour flight for her.
 A Delta 737.
 An MD-88, I think.
 I had to stick around for the 757s. I think this one was heading for Orlando.
 And the 757-300.  I think this one was heading for Seattle.
Another 757-200.  I think this one was headed for LAX.

I do like to get weather shots but only when I can somewhat clearly see the planes.

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