Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The James R. Barker Visits Cleveland

I've seen a fair amount of ships in Cleveland now.  One that I haven't seen was a thousand footer.  When I was looking at Marine Traffic on Saturday, I was thinking about heading to Grand Haven to catch the Sykes.  Fortunately I didn't because she didn't arrive there until much much later in the day.  Then I saw the James R. Barker near Detroit, so I decided to see where she was headed.  When I saw that she was headed to Cleveland, my decision became much easier.
 The James R. Barker had to wait a little bit before she could enter the harbor.  Apparently she was circling around on Lake Erie while she was waiting for the Buffalo to leave the terminal.
 Once the Buffalo was heading down the Cuyahoga, the Barker could enter.
 She ended up heading to the right of the channel.
 But first she had to pass the entrance.

 She makes her turn to the right.
 I didn't think I'd get a shot of her full length.
 Once she made it far enough, she adjusted so that she could back straight towards the Bulk Terminal.

 Like I said, it was starting to cloud over.
 But it was still sunny to the other side.
 Which made for some cool pictures.
 I do like the look of the scrubbers.  it almost makes her look like a proper steamship again.
 She slowly works her way to the dock.
 A headshot.
 And she's at the dock.
She will just unload her taconite.  I'm not even sure she'd make it up the Cuyahoga once.

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