Saturday, November 4, 2017

Ball State Cardinals at Eastern Michigan Eagles - In Pictures

So it's the month of November and that means that all of the MAC games are on weeknights.  The Eastern Michigan game was no exception.  I'm not really a fan of weeknight games but it does bring the Conference money, so I guess that helps, right?
 It was raining before the game and I thought that maybe I would end up no going.  The rain let up, so I headed over there.
 The eagle after flying down on the field.  And the eagle's keeper.
 The flag girls in the pre-game show.
 The band.
 Trying to get a picture from one of the instruments.
 the band marching off the field before the game.
 another angle.
 The Dance Team performing during one of the media timeouts.  As always, they looked pretty good.

 A shot at the end.
 This was one of my favorite shots from the game.  Ian Eriksen giving one of the Ball State players a stiff arm during a run.
 They added fireworks to the post touchdown routine.
 And the cheerleaders.
 The band marching on the field during halftime.
 They were celebrating the anniversary of WEMU by playing some Jazz songs.
 They did a really good job with it.

 The twirler.
 She was pretty neat to watch.
 Another attempt at getting a reflection off one of the instruments.

 This is Linda Yohn, she is one of the broadcasters on WEMU.  She is retiring after 30 years with the station.
 Another shot of the band.

 Part of the drum line.

 One of the drum majors.

 Another shot that I really liked.  Blake Banham punching his way into the endzone for one of Eastern Michigan's scores.
Eastern Michigan would end up beating Ball State by a score of 56-14.  It was one of their better performances in a long time.

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