Monday, November 6, 2017

Jumped by the Queen

I decided to head down to Cleveland on Saturday.  As I was heading there, I caught a glimpse of the Queen in the corner of my eyes.  I figured that she was lining up for an approach from the south, so I headed to a spot where I thought I could catch her.
 There is still one more daily 747 flight.  This one is between Detroit and Seoul.
 If memory serves me correctly, this flight will end on December 17th.  I'm not sure what the 747 will be replaced by, but I am thinking it will be the A350.
 On November 7th, United Airlines will have their final 747 flight.  This one will be between San Francisco and Honolulu.  This will leave Delta as the last domestic airline flying the 747.
 Of course, cargo companies will be using the for a long time.  That means that I might still have chances to see them.
 But soon, the regular scheduled flights will end.
Until then, I will try to catch her as much as possible.

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