Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Catching Up With the Algoma Olympic

I saw this ship earlier this year but that was as she was making a fuel stop.  Prior to that, it was a while ago.
 The next ship caught be by surprise.  I think she was in Sarnia unloading or stopping for fuel.  Either way, I was not expecting to see her.
 The Algoma Olympic was making her way up to Goderich.  She's kind of a nice ship to catch because she has an interesting looking pilothouse.  She was built in 1976 for the Upper Lakes Group.  That was the year that Montreal was hosting the Olympics, so she was given that name in honor of that event.
 When the Upper Lakes Group was bought by Algoma, her name was changed to the Algoma Olympic.  I think she may be one of the few Upper Lakes ships still on the Lakes.
 Anyway, it was getting pretty close to dusk and I didn't have too much longer to catch ships.

But the light was still nice.

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