Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Buffalo Enters the Cuyahoga River

I wasn't actually planning on catching this ship, so this was a bonus ship.  But it was really neat to watch as she pulled away from the Cleveland Bulk Terminal.
 Typically a ship will come down to Cleveland with a full load of taconite and they will unload it at the Cleveland Bulk Terminal.  Some ships will stay in Cleveland to do what they call shuttle loads.
 The steel mill is at the other side of the Cuyahoga River and the Cuyahoga River is very windy.  The ships that have to ply the Cuyahoga River are typically smaller.  This particular one is equipped with bow and stern thrusters so that it can make the sharp turns on the river.
 The ship doing the shuttle runs will load up at the Cleveland Bulk Terminal but typically they are never full loads because they don't want to draw deeper than the river.
 They will then make the turn towards the channel feeding into the Cuyahoga River.
 It's pretty impressive because they come pretty close to the pier.
 And it was pretty nice on Saturday.
 One of my favorite buildings on the left.
 There was some color on the trees.
 A shot of her pilot house.
 And her plimsoll lines.  Like I said, she is not typically fully loaded.
 Her pilothouse.
 And she makes her way towards the river proper.
  After catching the ship that brought me down to Cleveland, I saw that the the buffalo was working her way down the River.  I tried to find a spot where I could catch her.  Unfortunately this was the best I could do on short notice.  But as you can see, the river is pretty windy.  Some of the bends on the river are not much longer than the ship.
Another shot from that spot.
 I did manage to find a slightly better spot.
And one more angle of her before moving on.

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