Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Great Lakes Welcome Their Newest Resident

Back in 2013, we saw the introduction of the Algoma Equinox.  She was the lead ship of an 8 ship class of ships that were to be built in China for the Algoma Central corporation.  I was able to catch that ship as she worked her way up the lakes on her first cargo run.
 Construction of the Algoma Niagara was completed in September of this year at the Yangzijiang Shipyards in China.  She then made her two month trek across the Pacific Ocean, through the Panama Canal and up the Atlantic Coast to the St. Lawrence Seaway.  I believe the Algoma Niagara is the first self unloader of the Equinox class.
 Typically when they come from China, they carry a load of stone or something.  I think that is to make sure their loading and unloading mechanisms work. 
 From the port where she arrived on the Great Lakes, I think she delivered a load of coal to Hamilton, Ontario.
 Now she is on her way to Thunder Bay, Ontario where she will presumably pick up a grain load that will probably be delivered to one of the Quebec ports.
 I think these are pretty nice look ships, despite their origins.
 And I suspect I will see this ship for several years.
She continues on her way up to Lake Huron.

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