Monday, May 4, 2015

Return to the Cherry Blossoms

I saw a friend's pictures on Facebook and it looked like the cherry blossoms where more in bloom.
 Because it was a Sunday, there were a few more people than when I first saw the blossoms.
 However, they were a little more in bloom this time.
 A shot against the lagoon.
 A blackbird in the tree.
 I kind of like the shot against the trunk.
 There are still some buds.
 The Ren Cen through the trees.
 Another shot of that.
 I kind of like the blossoms against the green.
 A nice cluster of them.
 Another view of the Detroit skyline.
 Looking down the row again.
 One of the new trees they planted in November.
 Another shot of the blossoms against the trunk.
 the Scott Fountain.
One more shot.  I think I'm going to head down one more time.

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