Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Brief Trip to Deshler

I figured that since I was in the neighborhood, I decided to head down to Deshler.  I figured I would see some trains in action there.
 The old tower.
 It looked like these guys were lining up for a race.  In fact, they looked like they were lined up for one.
 They probably would have raced if they were going in the same direction.  The CSX train was heading to the south. 
 However, I guess the Norfolk Southern guy can pretend he won.
 It's amazing how many containers a train can pull.
 A shot of the engine as it passes the tower.
 This picture almost looks like the two trains are about to joust.  That would actually be kind of cool to watch.
 The CSX engine heading to the south.
 A graffiti covered car.
 Another CSX engine passing by.  This one was carrying a bunch of rails.  I think they are doing repairs on the rails along the way.
One more shot of that engine.

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