Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Brief Trip to Fostoria

Since it wasn't that far, I decided to head over to Fostoria next.  I wasn't planning on spending too long there as it was getting late.
 One of these days, I need to head to Fostoria earlier in the day.  I think this picture would work better with the sun coming from the east instead of shooting into it.  However, I still like this angle because it looks like the trains are coming right at you.
 That is until they veer away following the tracks to the east.
 I do like the Fostoria Park but you kind of have to keep on your toes as you are watching trains there.  There are three sets of tracks.  One passes the southern edge of the park.  That used to be the line owned by the Baltimore and Ohio.  Another passes the eastern edge of the park and that used to be owned by the Chesapeake and Ohio.  The third passes the northern edge of the park and that used to be owned by the Nickel Plate.    The B&O and C&O lines are used by CSX (obviously) and the Nickel Plate line is used by Norfolk Southern.
 Another CSX engine passed by.
 It continues on its way past the now closed tower.  Trains are being dispatched from a central area.  I guess that's a sign of the times.
 I kind of liked the Peanuts graffiti on this car.
 Pan Am Railways was formed in 1981 as Guilford Transportation Industries.  In 2006, they got their current name.  I don't think they are related to the former airline though.
 And one more train passing through before moving on.
 Again, I think I would like this view in the morning.
And the train heads off.

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