Sunday, December 19, 2010

12 Months of the Bell Tower

My next project was the Burton Memorial Tower on Michigan's Campus. This one presented the same challenges as the Union but I think I liked it a little better because I think it is a neater building. Plus it is surrounded by trees, so it lends itself to the seasons more.

This is my shot in January. Nice bleak day.

This is my shot from February. As I said, I had a pretty limited window of when I could get out to do it, so this was a night shot. But it was kind of nice because you can see the snow on the ground.

My shot in mar. It was actually kind of a nice day.

My shot in April. Kind of a sunset shot.

My shot in June. It was a rainy day and the lens was getting rained on but I liked the effect.

June. The weather in June was kind of wonky and cold, so this made for a dreary picture.

July. It got nice in July.

August. Another evening shot.

September. Almost a night shot, but I like the lighting.

A nice perfect October day. As I said for the Union, I was too early for the colors.


And December. If I had waited a couple days, I could have had tons of snow.

This was a fun project. I like how it turned out.

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