Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Planewatching at John Wayne

I'm kind of doing this out of order as I already posted the pictures from part of the return flight but I didn't post these pictures. I may have mentioned before that I'm a bit of a plane nut so I don't mind getting to the airport earlier so that I can take pictures of planes. Even if they are civillian and commercial planes.

This is a Delta Airlines Boeing 737 coming in for a landing.

This is that Liberty XL2 that I took a picture of when I had a little time to kill earlier in the week.

One of the things I like about John Wayne Airport is that there is a large number of general aviation planes and some of them are pretty unusual. One time when I was leaving there, I heard a DC-3 fly by. Occasionally I will see other odd aircraft, this one happens to be a Piper Cub.

One of the ground crew directing the 737 in to the gate.

This is an Alaska Air Boeing 737. The tail art is the old man of the north.

One of my favorite airline liveries is the livery for Frontier Air. There is usually an animal or something on the tail. This time there is a swan.

A United Airbus of some sort (either 320 or 319).

This is a stunt flyer. As I said, I will see some unusual aircraft at John Wayne.

This is a Cessna O-1 Bird Dog observer aircraft.

This is an American Airlines 737. Even though it is simple, this is another paint scheme that I like. The shiny aluminum reflecting away.

A Southwest 737.

I'm not sure what kind of plane this is. I want to say Lear Jet but I would also say that I was wrong.

An American 737 coming in for a landing.

I think this is a King Air coming in for a landing.

I want to say this is a Cessna Citation.

A Cessna of some sort.

A Delta Airbus 319 coming in for a landing. This is the plane that would take me to Minneapolis.

The Airbus taxiing to the gate.

Looking out of my window as we get ready for take off.


Christopher List said...

We've got a Bird Dog as a towplane at the club. Its grounded for the winter, but will be towing again at the end of March.

Mikoyan said...