Sunday, December 12, 2010

Penninsular Paper Sign - Winter Shots

So we had our first major storm of the winter today. They say it dumped about 5 inches on the ground. Anyways, as I was heading back from the grocery store, I looked over and saw how the river looked and thought it looked cool. So a little while later I grabbed my camera.

This is a shot of the Penninsular Paper building. As you can see the snow is still flying.

This is the dam.

An overall shot of the river. I kind of like how the trees look.

My normal shot of the building.

This is a shot from the across the river. I've never taken this shot before.

This is the same shot zoomed in.

Pulled out to see the dam.

Another shot from across the river.

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Anonymous said...

The last photo will be another shot to cool off the hot days of summer.