Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Mackinac Bridge in December

This is my shots for December of the Mackinac Bridge. It was kind of a fun drive up there and I didn't think I would make it because it was snowing from about Gaylord to Mackinac. But I made it and the pictures were worth it.

As I said, it was snowing, so I got a nice shot of snow, haze and ice.

My shot through the trees to get a feel for the if the snow on the ground wasn't enough of a hint.

Another shot of the bridge.

Another shot through the trees. I kind of like this one a little better.

And I really like this shot. The bridge is nice and framed by the trunks, snow and the grayer sky at the top.

Another shot through the trees. I think this is a pretty standard shot though as it seems likes you see the bridge through these birch trees.

Another shot of just the Bridge.

The bridge and it is snowing again.

A similar shot to one of my earlier shots. This time it is not as snowy.

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