Friday, December 10, 2010

Country Cat Clinic

When I got home from California, my cat wasn't his usual self. As I was talking to my mom, I noticed why...he had an ear hemotoma. So I took him to the emergency clinic to get his ear fixed. They got it fixed but I had to take him to another vet for a followup. A friend of my works for the Country Cat Clinic, so she took my cat there and they did a fantastic job. Today I had to take him to get his ear splinted and drained out again.

This is one of the cats they have there, he was a pretty friendly cat as he came right up to me and was very friendly. Not sure what his name is though.

This is another one of the cats they have there. He looked very cool and was laying in a basket decorated with holiday lights.

Anyways, Zappa is home now and he has a bandage around his ear. I'm pretty sure he will get better as the clinic seemed to take good care of him. I'd take a picture of him but he looks kind of silly with the radar dish around his neck.

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