Monday, September 18, 2017

The St Clair on the St Clair River passing St Clair

Many of the ships on the Great Lakes are named after the rivers or lakes that they may pass over.
 And of course, there is usually a city on the River that shares the name.
 So it's kind of cool to see the ship sailing on the River she is named after.  It is even cooler to see one passing the city too.  That was the case this time.
 I call the St Clair the Faux Footer because she looks like she could be a thousand footer.
 But at only 770 feet long, she's not.  But sometimes it's more important to look green than to be green.
 I think she was in long term layup for the past year, so it is nice to see her out and about.

And she continues on her way.

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