Sunday, December 29, 2019

A Brief Stop in Frankenmuth

I didn't make to Fish Point before it got dark, so I couldn't see the snowy owls I was hoping to catch.  My mom wanted to see some Christmas lights, so we headed down to Frankenmuth.
 I decided to stop to get pictures of the covered bridge.
 Across the river, there was this "Peace on Earth" sign.  I loved the way it was lit against the dark.
 Another angle of the bridge.
 Probably my favorite angle of the bridge.
 We headed through the parking lot of Bronner's.  They have some light displays there that rival some of the city light displays.  In fact, I think those cities may get their lights from Bronner's.
 A manger set up.  I thought this was pretty cool.
 Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus.
Another angel.  I tried to get an angle where I could get some of the lights.

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