Sunday, December 1, 2019

The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train Passes Belleville

A couple days ago, I read an article that said that the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train was going to be passing by.  I didn't catch it last year because I didn't see anything about it.  Nor did I catch it the year before for obvious reasons.  I almost wasn't going to catch it this year because the article said that they would be passing through Michigan with their lights off.
 I found the group dedicated to it on Facebook and people were posting updates of its location.  It was supposed to leave Windsor last night at 6:30.  I saw the post that it had passed the Michigan Central Train Station, so I decided to head over to Belleville to catch it.
I used this picture to gate the settings I would need on my camera.
 It took longer to catch it than I had planned.  We had heard that it passed Metro Airport, so I thought it would be passing soon.  And then we heard about this eastbound train passing through.  That meant the Holiday Train would have to wait on a siding for this train to pass.
 It wasn't long for the Holiday Train to appear.  You could tell it was getting close as its headlight shined on this building.
 I don't think this is a particularly good picture but I wanted to shot it because you can see the shadows of the people that were there.  There was a pretty good crowd.  I'm going to guess there was a pretty good crowd all along the route.
 And then the train appeared at an angle where I could get a picture.  I really think this is cool that they do this.  I think they have been doing this since 1999.
 Unfortunately, they have not stopped in Michigan in a while.  I don't think they own the tracks through Michigan and just used them to connect to the Chicago area.
 Maybe one of these years, they will actually stop here.  If not, I may have to just catch it in Windsor.
 The engine carries a few cares and they are all decorated.
 Just in case you forget what the train is.
 Some nice Christmas scenes.
And one more before moving on.

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