Wednesday, December 25, 2019

The James R. Barker Passes Belle Isle

I see the James R. Barker's fleetmate and ship named after his wife fairly often, but I don't see the James R. Barker as often.
 I will admit that it was nice to see her.  It was also a pretty nice day to see her.  The sun was almost perfect at the time I caught her.  It wasn't too much longer after catching the Maumee.
 This was pretty close to what photographers call the "golden hour".  That is the time just before the sun sets where the light looks almost golden.  I've also heard it called "painter's light" but that may apply more to sunrise as the light is similar then.
 The James R. Barker is one of the ships that is equipped with the diesel scrubbers.  That allows them to continue to burn bunker fuel while still meeting EPA pollution mandates.  In the long run that will be cheaper for them.
 She was heading down to Nanticoke which is just west of the Welland Canal.  I think there is a US Steel Mill there.  And in that case, she would be delivering iron there.
 I think she would have picked up her taconite pellets in either Duluth or Two Harbors but again I'm not sure.  At any rate, that would have been about a 48 hour journey to this point.
 Nanticoke is another 20 or so hours from this point.
 I'm not sure how often US boats deliver there but I know Canadian boats head there quite a bit.
 A shot of her pilot house.
And an unfortunately washed out shot of her after she passes.

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