Monday, December 16, 2019

Chasing the "Polar Express"

So on Saturday,  I decided that I was going to chase the Pere Marquette 1225.
 Although they don't call it the Polar Express, I will.  It is the train they used as the model for the movie.
 I will have to admit, it is pretty cool to catch a steam engine and I think it was cool enough that day that I got a good amount of steam.
 I started my day in Owosso because I kind of like the pictures from this particular spot.
 The train is still moving slow enough that I get a few different angles.
 You can see a few people in the background.
 One more shot before moving on.
 I headed over to Carland next.  That is my favorite spot to catch the train.  It is also many other people's favorite spot.
 There was an incident here a couple weeks ago where a person had the pocket of her coat ripped off by the train.  They had a sheriff here this weekend.  He was keeping people away from the tracks.
 You really shouldn't need a sheriff to keep you away from the tracks.  They are dangerous and I'm sure the folks who run the Pere Marquette don't want to kill someone.
 Anyway, I was pretty happy that the Pere Marquette was there this weekend.
 It gave me an opportunity to get some decent pictures.
 And I think I really like this one.
 I couldn't pass up the diesel engine.
 Next I went over to Ashley.  That is the town they have set up to be their Christmas Village.
 but I was mainly interested in the steam engine.
 I kind of like the angles here too except for the fact that I was piratically shooting into the sun.

One more shot of the engine.

And a shot of the engineer.
 As the train passed, I had the chance to get a couple of shots of the diesel engine.
and one more before leaving.

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