Sunday, December 29, 2019

Chirstmas Eve at the Aluminum Aviary

I ended up taking the week between Christmas and New Years off.  When I looked at Marine Traffic on Tuesday, I didn't see much stirring so I decided to head over to the airport.  There was quite a bit stirring there.
 First up was a 737 belonging to Southwest Airlines.  I love that fact that this livery adds some color to a sea of white airplanes.
 This particular one was arriving from Midway Airport.
 Next up was a Delta 737 coming in from San Francisco.
 When I looked at the arrivals on Flight Radar, it looked like it would be a decent day for me.  There were a few 757s.
 The first of those was a 757-200 arriving from Los Angeles.
 I love the side view.
 An A320 belonging to Alaska Airlines coming in from Seattle.
 Next up was an A220.
 This particular one was coming in from Newark.
 I will have to admit that this plane is really growing on me.
 One more shot of it.
 A 717 arriving from LaGuardia.
 The next 757 was one arriving from Fort Lauderdale.
 Another angle of that plane.
 I love this plane.
 One more shot of it.
 An A319 arriving from Reagan National Airport in Washington DC.
 An American Airlines A320 coming in from Charlotte.
 An A320 coming in from Boston.
 Another angle with a beacon shot.
 An E170 arriving from Philadelphia.
 A 717 coming in from Windsor Locks.
 Another angle of that plane.
 Another 737.  This one was arriving from Jacksonville.
 An E175 coming in from Columbus.
 Another 757.
 this one was coming in from Tampa.

 One more angle of that plane.
 An A320 arriving from Sarasota, Florida.
 The last plane of the day was a 757 arriving from Orlando.
 One more angle of that plane.
 I think this might be my favorite angle.
and my last picture of the day.

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