Sunday, December 29, 2019

The Kaye E. Barker Passes the Maritime Center

I looked at Marine Traffic yesterday and I saw that there would be two ships that would be passing Port Huron.  I was interested in catching both ships.
 The first of the two ships was the lovely Kaye E. Barker.  I think she was coming down from Marquette with a load of taconite.
 She was heading down to the steel mill in Dearborn which means that she'll be on the Rouge River.
 As I type this, she is waiting just north of Port Huron.  Evidently there are high winds and that is making the Lakes dangerous.
 The almost profile shot.  I love the profile of the classic lakers.
 She passes by.
And continues on her way.  From this point, it is about 6 hours to her destination.

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