Wednesday, December 25, 2019

The Victory/Maumee On Their Way Past Belle Isle

This isn't the other ship I was looking for but it was between the ship that I wanted and the one that I was going to get.
 So first up was the tug/barge combo the Victory/Maumee.  I think they were heading down from Marquette but I don't remember where they were heading to.  I want to say that they were heading down to Toledo but I could be wrong.
 I think tug/barges are used elsewhere but typically it is a purpose built tug and barge.  It seems like the Great Lakes have found a use for old hulls that are almost intact.  As I've said before, the Great Lakes are fairly friendly on ships because of the fresh water but stuff still wears out.
 Typically it is things in the engine room that wear out.  In some cases, the engines are old technologies but the deck can't support the newer engines.  It is much easier to notch out the old hull and replace stuff with a tug than to build new stuff to support the engine.
 While I don't particularly like, they don't look too bad.
 Unfortunately, the sun was starting to affect my shots here.
And as a result, I couldn't get much of a stern shot but it's not too bad.

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