Saturday, December 7, 2019

Pictures from the MAC Championship Game

So I went down to the MAC Championship game today.  It is the first time where they held it on a Saturday instead of a Friday evening.  I hope they continue this because it makes it easier for working people (and fans from the teams) to attend the game.  It wasn't too bad of a day though.

The game is held in Detroit at Ford Field.  It's been there for a while and I think it will be held there for a while because it represents a good central point for the MAC.  I know it works for me because it's relatively close.
 One of the majorettes for the Miami band.
 The Central Michigan band takes the field.
 One of the Central Michigan majorettes.
 There were quite a few Central Michigan fans at the game.
 The Miami Redhawk mascot.  Apparently, his name is Swoop too.
 The Central Michigan color guard during the halftime show.
One of the Miami running backs finding a hole.  As always, if you want to see more game shots, go to Hustle Belt.

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