Sunday, December 1, 2019

A Wolverine Kind of Day

It has actually been a while since I've had a proper Wolverine kind of day.  Once again, I was going to try to head up to Owosso to catch the Pere Marquette 1225 but it didn't sound like the weather was going to cooperate.  It was actually cooperative here but that changed as you headed north.  Then I was thinking that I would see if I could catch some ships but it seems like they got stuck in the nasty weather on Lake Superior.  So then I decided that it would be a good day to mostly relax.
 Since it's not that far of a drive, I did decide to catch the Westbound Wolverine.  This is the one that passes Ypsilanti at roughly 11 in the morning.
 It is the one that heads south from Pontiac until it hits Detroit and then it heads west to Chicago.
 Today the train was running about a half hour late.
 But it was still nice to catch.  I wasn't expecting to see one of the older engines.  They much have anticipated some traffic as there were more cars on it.
 Then I decided to catch the eastbound Wolverine.  This one passes by around 1:15 or so.
 But I still decided to catch it.
 I was happy to see it was one of the newer engines.  I didn't notice the puddle until I looked at the pictures.  If I noticed it sooner, I would have tried to use it better.
 At any rate, I think this is a pretty cool looking engine.
 And it starts to pass by.
Then it continues on to Detroit and points beyond.

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