Sunday, December 22, 2019

The Herbert C. Jackson Passes a Picnic Area

For my last shots, I decided to head over to the picnic area that is just east of the Dossin Maritime Museum.
 It is a pretty nice spot.  There's a good place to view the ships as they pass by and there are also picnic and park benches to sit on.
 The only real disadvantage of this spot is the buildings behind the ships.  But sometimes it is nice to have different backgrounds.
 The Herbert C. Jackson was coming down from Stoneport, I think. 
 There is a spot where you can get a relatively clean shot.
 I think the Jackson had a split load.  First she was heading to Toledo.
 then I think she ended up in Sandusky.
 The almost beam shot.
 She continues down the river.
I took this picture because I like the sky in it.

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