Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Day of Trains

One thing nice about Cleveland is that the spot where I go boatwatching is also a good spot for trainwatching.
 At the mouth of the Cuyahoga River, there is a lift bridge.  It is on one of the main lines for the Norfolk Southern.
 It seems like there are about two trains per hour that pass by.  I kind of like the pictures through the bridge.
 Since I wasn't going to catch anymore ships in Cleveland, I decided to head over to Bellevue.  I was actually hoping that the Nickel Plate Museum would still be open but that wasn't quite the case.  However, it was busy enough that I managed to catch a few trains.
 I think Bellevue has some pretty good sightlines.  Since it is just outside of yard, it gets pretty busy.  Maybe not as busy as Fostoria but probably busier than Deshler.
 Sadly, there isn't much for the backgrounds though.
 Well, a few signals, I guess.
 Another train.
 The original Wheeling and Lake Eire Railroad was formed in 1916 and covered most of the state of Ohio.  In 1949, it was leased to the Nickel Plate Railroad and bought by the Norfolk-Southern Railroad later.  In 1990, the current version was bought back from the Norfolk-Southern Railroad and is a regional railroad that serves part of Ohio.
 A shot of the engine as it passes by.

 One of the trailing engines.
 Another one.
 Bellevue is the home of the Mad River Nickel Plate Museum.  They have quite a few trains that were part of the Nickel Plate Railroad.  It looks like a pretty nice museum.  I got there too late, so I had to take these pictures over the fence.
 A shot from the front of another engine.
 Kind of the oblique angle of the engine.
 As I was about to leave, I saw another train passing through.
 Another angle of that engine.
One more shot of the Nickel Plate engine.

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