Monday, June 15, 2015

Back to the Algoma Mariner

After watching the American Spirit pass, I saw that there was another ship making her way down from Lake Huron.
 She left Goderich earlier in the morning and I don't remember where she was headed.  I was sort of following her and I thought I had about a half hour until she would pass so I decided to take a little nap.  Fortunately, I woke up in time to see her passing by the Blue Water Bridge.
 Well it turns out that it is a good thing that I did not miss her because I don't think I've seen her before.  She is the Algoma Mariner.
 She had the look of one of the Chinese builds, almost but it turns out that she was in fact built in China in 2011.  She originally was laid down as the Canadian Mariner by Upper Lakes but was turned into the Algoma Mariner when Upper Lakes was bought.
 She is 740 feet long and 77 feet wide.  She can carry a little over 37,000 tons of cargo.
 I'm not sure why I haven't seen her before but that's fine.  I've seen her now.
 Despite all my complaining about the Chinese builds, I do like the way they look.
 A shot just after she passed.
And one more before she continues on.

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