Thursday, June 18, 2015

An Evening With the Roger Blough

After a pretty full weekend, I'm trying to get my posts caught up.

On Tuesday, I saw that the Roger Blough was making a trip down to Ohio to deliver taconite from Two Harbors.  I also saw that I had a chance to catch her somewhere on the St. Clair River, so I decided to head up that way.  
 After a fun drive in Metro Detroit rush hour traffic, I made it up to Marine City.  When I got to my spot, the Blough had just come around the bend near the power plant.  This was one of those cases where I wish I had a slightly bigger telephoto lens because I could have gotten a shot of her and the Paul Tregurtha.  Oh well.
 One of the things I like about taking ship pictures on the St. Clair River is that there are a few places where you can get a decent headshot of a ship.  This was one of them.
 It wasn't long before the Blough was on top of me.  It was actually a pretty nice night for ship pictures.
 At this point you can hear the rumble of her engines.
 The fishing boat was just kind of drifting.
 A shot of her pilothouse.
 The beam shot.
 And a shot of her deckhouse.  The hole in the stern is her unloader.
 Next I headed over to the Algonac State Park to get a couple more pictures of her.  I missed out on the head shot.
But I got a couple of the three quarters shots.
 One more.
And one more beam shot.  The only thing I don't like about this spot is that you can't get much of a shot past this point.

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