Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Brief Stop at Ann Arbor Airport

I decided to stop at the Ann Arbor Airport tonight after work tonight.  I saw at least one plane flying around and I figured that would give me the opportunity to take some picture.
 I saw this one taking off and I thought I would see it doing touch and goes since it seems like that is what it does.  However, it just ended up taking off.
 As I was waiting for the plane that was doing touch and goes, I saw this one coming in for a lander.  It is a Piper Cherokee Arrow.
 A view of that plane from the side.
 This is the plane that was doing touch and goes.  It is a Cessna 152.
 I kind of liked the clouds in the sky.  Made for good backgrounds for my plane pictures.
 A side shot.
 This is an Sirrus SR-22 that was taking off.
 The Cessna coming in for a landing.
 Another shot of the Sirrus.
 I kind of like this angle for planes too.
 A side shot.
As I was filling my car, this plane was landing.

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