Monday, June 15, 2015

Next Up...the American Spirit

As I said in my first post from tonight, I was hoping to catch the Alpena and American Spirit.  It wasn't too long after the Alpena had passed that the American Spirit appeared.
 The American Spirit was headed up from somewhere in Ohio, I believe.  I think she has been doing a bunch of stone runs this year.
 It is always impressive to see one of the thousand footers.  I was actually hoping to catch one of the ultimate thousand footers last week but the timing didn't work out for me.
 I think she was headed up to Duluth or Two Harbors where she would probably be picking up taconite.
 It's always impressive to see a thousand footer bearing down on you.
 She makes the turn to head out to Lake Huron.

 A shot of her pilothouse.  I was hoping to see the giant hand.
 Oh well.
 There was a slight mist at this point.
And one more shot.

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