Thursday, June 18, 2015

Things Around Muskegon

These are just some things that I encountered as I was wandering around Muskegon.
 This is an abandoned railroad bridge.  I presume it was used by the Pere Marquette but I'm not sure.
 The tracks leading to that bridge.
 This is a tug that I've seen before, the Barbara Anne.  Normally, when I see her, she is in the middle of a river and doesn't look that large.
 The Candace Elise.
 A shot of the Silversides from the other side of the river.  I kind of wish they had a different paint scheme on the building so that the sub would stand out a little more.
 The Silversides from another angle.
 A shot of the McLane which is a Coast Guard cutter that served in World War II.
 The Carol Anne.
 A tree in the State Park.
 The Lake Express is a ferry service that operates between Muskegon and Milwaukee.  I'm not sure how many crossings it makes in a day but I'm pretty sure it makes more than the Badger.
 The Ferry itself was constructed in 2004 in Mobile, AL by Austal USA.  It looks similar to the catamaran style that is used by the LCS constructed by them.  She can travel at a speed of 34 knots.  It is capable of carrying 46 cars and 253 passengers.
 She may be faster than the Badger but she's not as nice looking.
One more shot of the Carol Ann.

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